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Socket welding flange
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Hebei Jingye Fittings Manufacturing Co.,ltd. is a subsidiary company which belongs to the Hebei Jingye machinery group, the company was founded in 2014, with registered capital of 16 million yuan, company built a, the second phase covers an area of 27000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 300 people, which senior technical personnel 30 people. Company has the most advanced CNC lathe, 72 sets, 10 sets of CNC drilling machine, vertical drilling machine 25, gantry drilling 2 Taiwan, general car 20, a single point of 800t and 400t hydraulic machine, 1 set, closed press 2, shearing machine 1 sets, CNC gantry cutting machine 2 sets, metal band sawing machine 14, 1600t hydraulic machine 1 Taiwan, CNC horizontal grinding ring machines and vertical grind ring machine the 1, reclaimer 3 units, heating furnace 5.

Hebei Jingye Fittings Manufacturing Co.,ltd.relying on its strong technical strength and professional production equipment, with a group of high-quality plate and steel as raw materials, production of GB, JIS, DIN, ANSI, British Standard BS, petrochemical sh all types of flat welding flange, welded flange, blind plate and a variety of machining pieces, annual production capacity of 3 million tons of above, according to the customers with the production drawings and samples of non - standard flange and other non-standard pieces.

Looking to the future, our company will be in 2015, 2016 voted three to five phase project built, by the end of 2016, the company will build the country's largest, varieties, specifications of the whole, production capacity over 15 million tons of pipe fittings manufacturing, then the product will be based on welding, butt welding flange will increase the stainless steel flange, high neck flange, three links, elbow, different diameter pipe and so on a number of varieties; the flange processing model from now to the largest diameter of 2 meters do the maximum diameter of 8 meters. Do a good job in the domestic key projects at the same time, the company products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries.

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